Live Fire Shooting Simulator

Next-generation Live Fire Shooting Simulator is here. Phoenix Technologies is proud to present their latest product in the market which we being the first, introduced locally. Our Live Fire Simulator is an advanced technology that no one is currently providing in the region.

This technology allows you to polish your shooting skills more effectively. With 3D virtual targets, you shoot better while practicing with a real weapon. With the flexible feature of it, we can provide a full training setup, so you can enjoy a real fire experience.

Our shooting simulator system enables you to practice from multiple positions and distances, chasing the real target. We provide a variety of different simulations for training, such as forest, town, glaciers, deserts, ruins, and much more. Targeted enemies are fully animated but they have highly interactive reactions. So when you shoot a target and it gets hit, the reaction will be accordingly. All of this is possible because we have used AI-Artificial Intelligence and ML-Machine Learning technologies in it. You can also upload your animation or video and practice on it.

It is definitely not a video game but a full training simulation that enables you to master the art of shooting on 3D technology that is far better than board and bottle targets. Because in our simulator, your opponent is as realistic as alive.

Training Software

Our Live Fire Shooting Simulation is the best training software so far to train for shooting. Calling it a video game will be unfair since this has a much bigger purpose than entertainment.

Safer Shooting Sport

Live Fire Shooting Simulator is the safest sport since it does not include any living object. It provides a comfortable yet practical way to introduce beginners to shooting with real weapons.

Multiple Scenario Challenges

Firearm shooting simulator comes with multiple shooting scenarios for a better understanding and experience of shooting in different environments, so students can be trained well.

Realistic Target

3D simulation provides realistic targets which made Live Fire Shooting more interesting and unique than any other shooting simulators. This helps you to sharpen your skill with a similar experience without combating real enemies.

Professional Training

This is a highly flexible yet professional setup that allows you to have training from a range of distance and position. This way you master the art of shooting like a professional.

Accurate Analysis

After you are done shooting, it provides you every detail about your performance. Where did you hit the target, what was your score, how many times did you miss your target and what are the weak and strong points.

Why Choose Us for Live Fire Shooting Simulator?

Phoenix Technologies is the first one to introduce 3D shooting simulation in Pakistan. Currently, we are the only provider and are honored to serve the army with our service. Our simulator is acknowledged by Pakistan arms and has been used for training purposes.

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