Fire Alarm Services

Protect your valuable property and people that matter to you by taking precautions. Before any unfortunate incident happens prevent it by availing our fire alarm services. We have hired a team of expert technicians and security managers that handle onsite alarms. From inspection to installation, maintenance, monitoring, and upgrade, they take care of everything.

You can always count on Phoenix Technologies to keep your fire alarm maintained. As your fire and life protection assistant, we support, build and manage your current device and system. We will work for you to prepare the transition of your obsolete systems into modern, and upgraded systems. We can also include a step-by-step budget upgrade plan. Proper fire warnings are simply best inspected and maintained. We are distinguished from our competitors by our fairly priced inspection and service prices.

Fire Detecting System

Our Fire Detecting System collects data, analyses it, and then reacts to incidents identified by various fire detectors, using FDS.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems protect valuable resources and critical facilities of your business, this is our focus. Phoenix Technologies provides the most competitively priced.

Inspection Services

Our qualified technicians do a full inspection to ensure that the system is working fine to meet the standards. We are just one call away to come and serve you right then.

Modification services

To modify your system by replacing old devices with the new and latest ones so the security risks can be minimized.

Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency exit lights at panic doors are a must-have. But what is more important is that they work in times of need. To install such a reliable alarm, you need our assistance.

System Monitoring

We offer a variety of monitoring services of surpassed quality. We keep an eye on your alert system and quickly provide any kind of help related to alarm maintenance.

Why choose us for Fire Alarm Services

At Phoenix Technologies, we have a qualified team of licensed technicians that are always ready to get into action to provide you security and fail-proof protection from any unwanted event.

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