Networking & Data Center

Power up your business anywhere and everywhere. Long gone the days when data handling used to be a hassle for companies and organizations. Now, the storage and transfer of data are less of a concern. Because we are providing all such services so you can just focus on more important business tasks.

A durable network, strong storage infrastructure, and a reliable server are the fundamental components of data center networking that our clients expect us from our services. And we not only promise them but also fulfill their requirement to meet their satisfaction level. We are well aware of the collective significance of these networking components. Therefore, we only let the experts to cater our clients as per the exact measurements.

Phoenix Technologies also offer DCIM solutions to ensure high performance. It delivers multiple benefits that include tracking of data, monitoring, diagnosing issues, and troubleshoot devices, and servers.

Additionally, we take charge of arranging and providing maintenance of network devices like routers, storage, and computing units.

Talking about the important areas in the data center network that need to be monitored regularly, real-time availability, bandwidth monitoring, and network configuration management are what matters the most. But you don’t need to worry about any of these since our expert site engineers are there to assist you.

Data Center

Backed with technical expertise, our Data Center services ensures to support your business through a well-defined structure that allows you to store, manage and circulate your data with security.

Network Optimization

With our network optimization services, you enjoy a faster data transfer and recovery of lost files even when it’s huge. Also, it will minimize bandwidth expenses improving the performance of the network.

Server and Storages

Server-based storage provides sufficient storage capacity online. It is so you don’t have to worry about the complexity to store data as well as cutting short the expenses that can cost you a hefty amount.

Cable Networking

For all the obstacle-free connectivity, reliable cable networking is what you need the most. Because obviously, you don’t want to miss potential clients just because of awful connectivity, or would you?

Optical Fiber Cable

What is networking without speed? Boring and frustrating. So we bring you optical fiber cable solutions that ensure reliability, durability, flexibility, and speed of light at lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Our electronic hardware racks and enclosures in areas include a broad determination of rack statures, widths, depths, and styles that objective your particular plan necessities. To finish the structure, you can use a range of exterior and interior accessories.

Why Choose Us For Networking & Data Center

Phoenix Technologies take pride in providing networking and data center services not only on the local but international level as well. We believe in reliability, that is why we make sure to build a reliable client-company relation through our services.

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Cloud Computing


Storage and Data Management

End User Computing