Security System & Monitoring System

To guard against security threats, organizations need to continuously monitor the computer systems and applications they have deployed, incorporate security upgrades to software and deploy updates to configurations. The Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP), pronounced "ess-cap", comprises a number of open standards that are widely used to enumerate software flaws and configuration issues related to security. Applications which conduct security monitoring use the standards when measuring systems to find vulnerabilities, and offer methods to score those findings in order to evaluate the possible impact. The SCAP suite of specifications standardize the nomenclature and formats used by these automated vulnerability management, measurement, and policy compliance products.

Security Cameras

Phoenix Technologies provides the best security camera systems for your business include smart cameras that can simply join the Wi-Fi network in your building in order to relay footage directly to your phone, wherever you are in the world, with no need for a networked video recorder, while any motion-triggered recordings can be saved in the cloud, or locally on a microSD card.

Access Control Systems

Phoenix Technologies provide best access control and integrated security management systems to clients. We offer variety of access control systems, including; biometric fingerprint time attendance machine, door access control, access control accessories, access control hardware and much more.


Manage critical equipment activity involving data center power and thermal management at multiple sites and site monitoring around the clock.

Sky control

Phoenix Technologies offers complete control of your building lighting through the SKY-Controls system of sensors, devices and cloud-based software.

Why to choose us for Security System

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Sky control

Fire Detecting System

Fire Suppression System