Video Wall

Advertisement have many types and categories, the purpose is to market and promote your brand and services. But to do so, you have to come up with more new and unique ideas, whether it means the new technologies, new styles and formats of the marketing and advertisements.

Display Standee

They are quite trending now a days, they showcase your whole idea in limited space and attract the audience from the far. It have a power to capture the attention of whole crowd spontaneously.

LED Display

Having a infrastructure for your business, with modern style, how about add a LED Display of your brand. This gives the touch of your advancement and being fully equipped with the technology.

Outdoor LED Billboards

When you are speaking to the huge crowd, it is important to be visible to all. Here steps in the Outdoor LED billboards. You can capture the attention and send your message loud and clear.

Digital Signage Menu board

Wants to give a high tech looks to your franchise, give it with the touch of LED Signage Menu Board. Never be worried again for the publication or resolutions, keep it bright and up to the date,and promote your deals.

Digital Signage Information

Wishing general instructions at the hospitals and the malls could be easy, get a trending digital signage information, entertain your customers without personally interacting, still furnish all the details with attractive LED.

LED Backlit Display

For the marketing, it is effective to have a mobile LED or backlit Display at different places, where it can talk to the audience and spreading your words. It is easy to update and modify your marketing campaign.

Why to choose us for Mobile Application

Over the past decade, Phoenix Technologies has successfully carried out over 150 mobile projects, providing consulting and mobile app development services for different platforms and various industries.

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